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North Dakota City Name List

This is the list of Cities in North Dakota. The zip code, county and city are displayed in the list. You can click the City Name to get 5-digit zip code and 5-digit plus 4 zip code.

The primary city name as designated by the United States Postal Service. The USPS designates cities in all uppercase (ie. NEW YORK). The Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located.

CountyCityZIP Code
Richland CountyABERCROMBIE58001
Cass CountyABSARAKA58002
Walsh CountyADAMS58210
LaMoure CountyADRIAN58472
Rolette CountyAGATE58310
Divide CountyALAMO58830
McKenzie CountyALEXANDER58831
LaMoure CountyALFRED58454
Cass CountyALICE58031
Divide CountyALKABO58845
Grant CountyALMONT58520
Cavalier CountyALSEN58311
Divide CountyAMBROSE58833
Cass CountyAMENIA58004
Billings CountyAMIDON58620
McHenry CountyANAMOOSE58710
Grand Forks CountyANETA58212
Bottineau CountyANTLER58711
Williams CountyAPPAM58830
Grand Forks CountyARDOCH58261
Burleigh CountyARENA58494
Cass CountyARGUSVILLE58005
McKenzie CountyARNEGARD58835
Cass CountyARTHUR58006
Grand Forks CountyARVILLA58214
Dickey CountyASHLEY58413
Cass CountyAYR58007
Burleigh CountyBALDWIN58521
McHenry CountyBALFOUR58712
Pierce CountyBALTA58313
McHenry CountyBANTRY58713
Richland CountyBARNEY58008
Pembina CountyBATHGATE58216
Burke CountyBATTLEVIEW58773
Billings CountyBEACH58621
Rolette CountyBELCOURT58316
Billings CountyBELFIELD58622
McLean CountyBENEDICT58716
Dickey CountyBERLIN58415
Mountrail CountyBERTHOLD58718
Mercer CountyBEULAH58523
Griggs CountyBINFORD58416
Pierce CountyBISBEE58317
Burleigh CountyBISMARCK58501
Mountrail CountyBLAISDELL58718
Traill CountyBLANCHARD58009
Bottineau CountyBOTTINEAU58318
Burke CountyBOWBELLS58721
Kidder CountyBOWDON58418
Bowman CountyBOWMAN58623
Burleigh CountyBRADDOCK58524
Sargent CountyBRAMPTON58017
Morton CountyBREIEN58570
Sargent CountyBRITTON57430
Nelson CountyBROCKET58321
Stutsman CountyBUCHANAN58420
Cass CountyBUFFALO58011
Bowman CountyBUFFALO SPRINGS58623
Ward CountyBURLINGTON58722
McHenry CountyBUTTE58723
Traill CountyBUXTON58218
Traill CountyCALEDONIA58219
Cavalier CountyCALVIN58323
Benson CountyCANDO58324
Sioux CountyCANNON BALL58528
Renville CountyCARPIO58725
Eddy CountyCARRINGTON58421
Grant CountyCARSON58529
McKenzie CountyCARTWRIGHT58838
Cass CountyCASSELTON58012
Wells CountyCATHAY58422
Cavalier CountyCAVALIER58220
Sargent CountyCAYUGA58013
Mercer CountyCENTER58530
Kidder CountyCHASELEY58423
Cass CountyCHRISTINE58015
Benson CountyCHURCHS FERRY58325
Stutsman CountyCLEVELAND58424
Steele CountyCLIFFORD58016
Sargent CountyCOGSWELL58017