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North Dakota ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in North Dakota. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

North Dakota has a total number of 206,796 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits start with 58. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
NDGrand Forks CountyOSLO56744
NDRichland CountyNEW EFFINGTON57255
NDRichland CountyROSHOLT57260
NDSargent CountyVEBLEN57270
NDSargent CountyBRITTON57430
NDMcIntosh CountyEUREKA57437
NDDickey CountyFREDERICK57441
NDDickey CountyHECLA57446
NDMcIntosh CountyLONG LAKE57457
NDEmmons CountyHERREID57632
NDAdams CountyLEMMON57638
NDSioux CountyMC INTOSH57641
NDSioux CountyMC LAUGHLIN57642
NDGrant CountyMORRISTOWN57645
NDEmmons CountyPOLLOCK57648
NDSioux CountyWATAUGA57660
NDRichland CountyABERCROMBIE58001
NDCass CountyABSARAKA58002
NDCass CountyAMENIA58004
NDCass CountyARGUSVILLE58005
NDCass CountyARTHUR58006
NDCass CountyAYR58007
NDRichland CountyBARNEY58008
NDTraill CountyBLANCHARD58009
NDCass CountyBUFFALO58011
NDCass CountyCASSELTON58012
NDSargent CountyCAYUGA58013
NDCass CountyCHRISTINE58015
NDSteele CountyCLIFFORD58016
NDSargent CountyBRAMPTON58017
NDRichland CountyCOLFAX58018
NDCass CountyDAVENPORT58021
NDBarnes CountyENDERLIN58027
NDCass CountyERIE58029
NDRichland CountyFAIRMOUNT58030
NDCass CountyALICE58031
NDSargent CountyFORMAN58032
NDRansom CountyENGLEVALE58033
NDCass CountyGALESBURG58035
NDCass CountyGARDNER58036
NDCass CountyGRANDIN58038
NDSargent CountyCRETE58040
NDRichland CountyHANKINSON58041
NDCass CountyGARDNER58042
NDSargent CountyHAVANA58043
NDTraill CountyHILLSBORO58045
NDBarnes CountyCOLGATE58046
NDCass CountyHICKSON58047
NDCass CountyHUNTER58048
NDBarnes CountyKATHRYN58049
NDCass CountyKINDRED58051
NDCass CountyLEONARD58052
NDRichland CountyGENESEO58053
NDRansom CountyELLIOTT58054
NDBarnes CountyLUVERNE58056
NDRansom CountyMCLEOD58057
NDRichland CountyMANTADOR58058
NDCass CountyDURBIN58059
NDRansom CountyMILNOR58060
NDRichland CountyMOORETON58061
NDBarnes CountyNOME58062
NDBarnes CountyORISKA58063
NDBarnes CountyPAGE58064
NDBarnes CountyPILLSBURY58065
NDSargent CountyRUTLAND58067
NDCass CountySHELDON58068
NDRansom CountySTIRUM58069
NDBarnes CountyTOWER CITY58071
NDBarnes CountyVALLEY CITY58072
NDRichland CountyWAHPETON58074
NDRichland CountyDWIGHT58075
NDRichland CountyWAHPETON58076
NDRichland CountyWALCOTT58077
NDCass CountyWEST FARGO58078
NDCass CountyEMBDEN58079
NDRichland CountyWYNDMERE58081
NDCass CountyFARGO58102
NDCass CountyFARGO58103
NDCass CountyFARGO58104
NDCass CountyFARGO58105